Funding for fire and emergency services

The primary source of funding for fire protection in the North Sonoma Coast Fire Protection District (NSCFPD) is the real property taxes paid by all properties within the district. Currently, of the 1% real property taxes collected by Sonoma County, a portion is allocated by the County to NSCFPD. NSCFPD uses these funds to support the operations of the Volunteer Fire Department, and to fund a year-round contract with CAL FIRE.

NSCVFA (formerly TSRVFD, Inc.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation and is the owner of the North Fire Station. NSCVFA obtains its funding through charitable donations, much of which is received from the annual Memorial Weekend picnic or from donations received in response to the annual newsletter. These funds are used for the maintenance and operations of the North Fire Station, and the support of the fire department volunteers with equipment, training, clothing, or whatever is needed. NSCVFA also has an annual sale of Christmas trees, the net proceeds of which are used to fund education scholarships as well as other department expenses.

Serving the communities of The Sea Ranch, Annapolis, and Stewarts Point since 1973