State Fire Prevention Fee

In July 2011 the state legislature approved Assembly Bill X1 29, creating the "State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Prevention Benefit Fee". The bill created a $150 annual fee for habitable structures in State Responsibility Areas (SRAs). The fee is reduced to $115 for structures that are also within the boundaries of a local fire protection agency. Bills started arriving at TSR in early December. We have tried to answer some specific, local questions that community residents may have.

Q: Is The Sea Ranch in a State Responsibility Area?
A: Yes. See the SRA Viewer.

Q: Will residents of TSR receive the $35 discount?
A: Yes. TSR is within North Sonoma Coast Fire Protection District.

Q: Will any money from this fee go towards firefighting operations of North Sonoma Coast VFD, or any of the other volunteer fire companies along the coast ?
A: No.

Q: Will any money from this fee go towards firefighting operations of our local CAL FIRE crews?
A: No.

Q: What will be funds be used for?
A: The fund will be used for fire prevention services (after paying administrative costs for implementing, and collecting, the fee). The specified uses for the funds collected are defined in sections 4214 (a)(1) - 4214 (e)(2) of the Public Resources Code. The Sea Ranch Fire Safe Council will look into applying for grants for fire prevention work, to hopefully bring some of the funds back into our community in that way, even though it cannot be used for firefighting operations.

For more information about the fee, please see the resources below.