History of the Scholarship Program

The TSRVFD Scholarship was initiated in 2001 to honor Chief Dan Levin for his dedication and efforts for TSRVFD and surrounding communities. The scope of this was to support local high school graduates and college students who were primarily interested in Fire Science or Emergency Medical Service, but anyone who is a graduating senior and pursuing higher education may apply.

In 2001 VFD BOD approved $3000 from the "general funds" of TSRVFD for the scholarship program. In 2002 the BOD appointed Walt Jorgenson as Chair of the Scholarship Committee.  In 2008, the BOD changed the "seeding" of the scholarship fund to be the proceeds from the Xmas Tree sales and a separate account was opened for the TSRVFD Scholarship Fund.  The amounts awarded each year since the scholarship program began are:  In 2002 and 2003 $3,000, from 2004 - 2007 $4,000, in 2008 $4,500 and from 2009-2014 $3000, and in 2015 $1000.

I believe that "we", TSRVFD through the BOD, continue this scholarship program indefinitely, I also feel that this program is as important as showing up for calls on the Ranch or surrounding area.

Walt Jorgenson
Firefighter Support, Prior VFD BOD Treasurer