What is The Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.?

The Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department (TSRVFD), Inc. is a tax-exempt volunteer organization supporting the North Sonoma Coast Fire Protection District (NSCFPD), which provides emergency services in the Sea Ranch, Annapolis, and Stewart's Point areas of Sonoma County.  TSRVFD is formed to lessen the burden of government and provide voluntary, physical, material, and related educational support to the NSCFPD for fire and emergency service related activities.  A Board of Directors, elected from and by members of TSRVFD, determines the type and degree of support provided.  While TSRVFD, NSCFPD,and The Sea Ranch Association (TSRA) work closely together, TSRVFD is not a part of either NSCFPD or TSRA, and derives no revenue from those entities.

A non-profit public benefit corporation, TSRVFD is composed of highly trained and motivated volunteers.  The members include the volunteer firefighter and support members of NSCFPD, and supporting members of TSRVFD as determined by the TSRVFD Board of Directors.  TSRVFD volunteers raise funds to support firefighting and safety-related activities and to maintain the North Fire Station.  The reward volunteers receive is not monetary; it is the satisfaction of helping friends and neighbors when the need arises.  TSRVFD’s activities are supported by several fundraisers each year.  Current events include a barbeque picnic held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, a fundraising drive during the holidays, and Christmas tree sales.