The North Fire Station Project

The department's North Fire Station (NFS), built in 1986, has been in need of refurbishment for some time. In 2009 and 2010 various projects were completed by the volunteers, including repainting the station interior and replacing the window blinds. In 2013 we completed the largest part of the project to date: the replacement of the weathered redwood siding. The department is grateful to have received a donation of "HardiePlank" cement fiber siding from the James Hardie company, which helped with the total cost of the project, but the costs of removing the old siding, repairing whatever damage was found beneath, and staining and installing the new siding were substantial. The department accumulated funds over the years to complete that phase of the project, however, this has used up most of our reserves. Unlike the South Station on Annapolis Road, which is owned by CALFIRE, and our fire engines and trucks, which are county assets paid for by tax money collected from County Service Area #40, the NFS is wholly owned and maintained by the VFD (i.e. not supported by CSA #40 funds).

During the re-siding work we also added an internal stairway to a loft area and put in a window, in preparation for our long-term goal of making the station capable of housing firefighters 24/7.  Eventually we hope to be able to house year-round CALFIRE staff at the NFS, both to improve overall response capability on TSR, and to reduce our increasing rental expense for the CALFIRE station on Annapolis Road. 

Once the residing was complete, the next immediate phase of the NFS project was to repair the pavement surrounding the station.  A comprehensive repair project to stop the damage, correct problems which are allowing the existing pavement to be washed out from below, and insure a solid surface for many years was completed in 2014. 

The next major piece of work was extending and repairing the exhaust capture system inside the apparatus bays; this was completed in 2015.  The TSRVFD Board is now working on long-term repair and replacement needs and plans, to see what is next and make sure there are enough funds to do it.  New roof?  Complete the station so it can be staffed 24x7? Watch this website to see what's next.

We hope you will consider donating to TSRVFD to help us be ready for future needs!  All donations are tax deductible.

Please read the North Fire Station History for more information on the NFS.