Rope Rescue Training, June 2010

TSRVFD and CAL FIRE personnel often train on rope rescue techniques.  This album shows one such training in June of 2010.  To see the photos, move the mouse over the small pictures at the bottom of the page.

01-RopeRescue100607 02-RopeRescue100607 03-RopeRescue100607 04-RopeRescue100607 05-RopeRescue100607 06-RopeRescue100607 07-RopeRescue100607 08-RopeRescue100607 09-RopeRescue100607 10-RopeRescue100607 11-RopeRescue100607 12-RopeRescue100607 13-RopeRescue100607 14-RopeRescue100607 15-RopeRescue100607 16-RopeRescue100607 17-RopeRescue100607