2011 Low-Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARO) Class

A two-day Low-Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARO) class was held at TSR in 2011.  Participants included personnel from Sea Ranch Fire and from the Timber Cove, Fort Ross, and Annapolis Volunteer Fire Companies. To see the photos, move the mouse over the small pictures at the bottom of the page.

2011_LARO_Class-1 2011_LARO_Class-10 2011_LARO_Class-11 2011_LARO_Class-12 2011_LARO_Class-13 2011_LARO_Class-14 2011_LARO_Class-15 2011_LARO_Class-16 2011_LARO_Class-17 2011_LARO_Class-2 2011_LARO_Class-3 2011_LARO_Class-4 2011_LARO_Class-5 2011_LARO_Class-6 2011_LARO_Class-7 2011_LARO_Class-8 2011_LARO_Class-9